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Today I'd like to talk about movie/tv show IP (Intellectual Property) and video games based off of them, aka licensed games. Now, I personally do not like licensed games, most of the ones I have played seem lackluster in gameplay, aren't very engaging, and nothing makes me want to come back to it other than the IP itself. Don't get me wrong though, not every licensed game out there is a bad. There are some good ones.

There are a lot of issues with creating a licensed game. One issue is that there are certain rules they must abide by. The game usually/sometimes has to be approved by the creators of the movie/show. If this is the case, the developers may not have enough room to take any creative liberties to make the game great, engaging, and fun. The quality of the game could very well suffer.

Another issue is the filler content. What's filler content you ask? It's what happens when you take a two hour movie and make it into a 10 hour game. During those 10 hours you must occupy the player, stretch everything out, give them mundane task like collecting items, the sins can go on. You can say filler is the content that takes away from the storyline.

Now these are two of many issues, but hopefully you get the idea. Technically, games don't have to be this way. If the developer has a chance to put their own spin on a game, while staying true to the source material, and put in filler content that someone wouldn't mind playing it, it can add up to a great game. A great example, Jurassic Park: The Game. It stay amazingly true to the source material and was a blast to play (for me at least, a JP fan).


Hopefully I haven't lost you yet. So my question is this, what would make a great game based off of IP? Something that would be riveting, perhaps action packed, fun to play, engaging story, and makes you eager to keep playing it. Let's hear your thoughts.

Edit: the scope of this post might be too narrow, if you think an IP has potential and was done poorly, mention it. There are no bad ideas here.